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Centurion Energy Trading LLC and Centurion Middle East Trading are the UAE and Nigeria respective trading offices of the Centurion Group. Centurion is a full-fledged oil and gas trading company with expertise in trading, operations, trade finance, chartering, and risk management. We leverage our strategic locations and network of partners to offer solutions that add value across the supply chain.

Centurion is an oil and gas trading company. We are driven to meet the growing fuel needs of Sub-Saharan Africa. At Centurion, we maximize our expertise in trading, operations, trade finance, chartering, and risk management, in our strategic locations to expand our business and secure new markets.
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    To enable and facilitate access to energy through innovative trading strategies, ensuring a reliable and efficient energy supply chain across the world.
    Our mission is to deliver exceptional energy solutions, exceeding customer expectations, fostering long-term partnerships, and driving growth and profitability through innovative strategies, trading, and logistics expertise, while prioritizing safety, sustainability, and social responsibility.
    Our core values are integrity, excellence, and sustainability. We prioritize client success, innovation, and environmental responsibility in all our transactions. Our values drive us to deliver exceptional service, build long terms partnerships, and ensure our clients business objectives are achieved sustainably and efficiently.

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